Hi, I’m Kel. In my work I seek to honor the potters that have come before me.

Pottery is an ancient craft, and from the moment I first sat at a wheel I was captivated by the process of shaping earth with water and fire. I learned later about the chemistry involved, the silica and oxides, how to paint with flame and ash. Each new understanding has only increased the magic. 

I have studied with professional potters in my native Pennsylvania, the Blue Mountains of North Carolina, and as far away as the Scottish Highlands. I’ve helped to fire a noborigama (a wood-firing, multi-chambered kiln) and the community effort of stoking those flames, in shifts, for days was magical science. Potters have done this for centuries.

I have sought to expose myself to many forms, styles, and techniques and I thread these into my own work. My pottery is functional, focusing on pieces that can be used every day. I love to explore the marriage of beauty and function, and my mission is to make pieces that are useful and fit seamlessly into any space.